train people. 

a short video about some amazingly brilliant misfits. born in and around a few particular train stations, they are a part of a different world. i've been working at a home built for some of these children, where they are going to school and learning to speak english as well as being integrated into society for the first time in their lives. 


 A video diary i made about my time traveling through glorious India. Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Kolkata. Personal thoughts and reflections about the future and the nature of fear.

Swimming and Eggs Tyrone

From swimming in the Indian Ocean to thunderstorms and cooking "Eggs Tyrone" in South Africa. Video diary about meeting new friends and my transition from India to Hands at Work in South Africa.

landing pt. 2


Video blog about my first few weeks in India. Contemplating the stages of life, pursuit of meaning. song: Bittersweet Symphony, the Verve

landing pt. 1

 My first video blog about landing and adjusting to India. Meeting friends and experiencing Kolkata's sensory overload.